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Our Favorite Source for Baby Holiday Clothes

This post is sponsored by Carter's; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I don't know about you, but I love the holidays!

Spending time with family is probably my very favorite thing to do.  I am so blessed to have parents, siblings, and in-laws all living fairly close.  But even so, we never seem to get together as often as we'd like.  So when there is a holiday and all the men-folk are off work, we snatch up the opportunity to spend some time together.

My parents or in-laws' house is filled with food, laughter, games, and grandkids galore!

Oh yes, make no mistake, it is the babies who are the stars of the show.  Not only do my parents and in-laws eat up their baby time, but my husband's and my siblings have a tendency to be quite the doting aunts and uncles too!

It just so happens that this year, we have the youngest baby in the family, so she's going to be getting a lot of attention.  (Not that the other little ones don't, but you know how fast they grow!  Everybody's got to get their fill of chubby baby cheeks while they can!)

Carter's holiday outfits


I like to make sure she has clothing that will keep her super comfortable while being passed around from aunt to uncle to cousin to grandparent.  But of course I want her to look cute too!

I was super excited to partner with Carter's to feature some of their winter selections, and my oldest daughter and I had a good time shopping together to pick out some cute outfits and PJ's for baby sister.

Carter's Holiday outfits

We had a great time exploring all the options – from frilly holiday dresses to cozy PJ's, and everything in between, there were plenty of choices for everyone.

I forgot to get any pictures while we were in the store – probably because my daughter was distracting me with repeated requests to try on the glittery gold shoes she found.  But these are a couple of the holiday outfits that caught my eye.  Aren't they cute?

Carter's Holiday outfits

They have tons more holiday selections too.  Take a look at all of their baby holiday clothes here!


What I love about Carter's is that they have some of the cutest and best quality baby clothes available, but the prices are always affordable, especially when you shop their sales.

Oh!  And if you're planning to do Black Friday shopping, you will definitely want to put Carters on your list!  In addition to some fantastic deals, they'll also be having a “Dash In to Win” sweepstakes that will award promo cards to the first 100 people to arrive at their local Carters or OshKosh store!  (Find your local store here to find out whether the sweepstakes will be held on Thanksgiving day or on Black Friday.  Whether or not stores are open on Thanksgiving varies by location.)

Plus, you can print this 20% off coupon to use as well: (Just click on the image.)





And PJ's!  Don't forget the PJ's!  They have some adorable boy pajamas and girl pajamas.  They have a large section of holiday pajamas as well as lots of non-holiday winter pajamas.  My oldest daughter fell in love with these and picked them out for her little sister:

Carter's Pajamas


We'll definitely be packing them in her diaper bag so that when the nights over spent at grandma and grandpa's house start getting long, we can get her ready for bed before we head home.

Carter's Pajamas

(Is she not the sweetest girl ever?)

Carter's Pajamas



Speaking of sweetest girl ever, I think this outfit is adorable!  It's going to serve her well at our holiday get-togethers.  I was so happy to find outfits that had both a long sleeve shirt and a short sleeve shirt because even though it's winter it doesn't always get super cold here in North Carolina.  And when there are lots of people all crowded into one room, it can get a little toasty inside.  This is going to be the perfect outfit for her to get passed around in.

Carter's holiday outfits


I'm eagerly anticipating spending some quality time with family, and I'm so thankful for the comfortable, yet adorable clothes our littlest has while she is being adored by everyone.


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