10 Practical Ways to Stand Up Against Abortion

10 Practical Ways to Stand Up Against Abortion

In light of everything that has come out recently regarding Planned Parenthood, I wanted to share some practical ways to stand up against abortion.  We can get upset about the murder of innocent babies, or we can actually do something!

I'm not pretending I'm the expert, because I'm not.  I'm sure many of you have even more and better ideas.  Please feel free to share those with me!  But I want to at least get our wheels turning about how we can stand up against abortion and fight for the lives of the 2,000 babies who will be aborted heartlessly murdered today.

10 Practical Ways to Stand Up Against Abortion | @mbream


1. Support a pregnancy resource center

Pregnancy resource centers focus on providing expectant mothers with hope and help, no matter their situation.  If an expectant mother finds herself in need, she can turn to a pregnancy resource center for counseling, baby supplies, adoption referrals, and support.

Your donations help to fund administrative costs as well as  provide ultrasounds and baby supplies.

If you do not know of a center to which you can donate, I can personally recommend this one.  I know the owner personally and can assure you that the women who visit are receiving Biblical help from compassionate counselors who truly care.  Many who have considered abortion have chosen LIFE for their baby after visiting this center!
2. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center

You can also personally volunteer to help at a pregnancy center.  You can counsel women (check to see if free training is provided at your local center), help organize baby supplies, do paperwork, or just clean the office and take out the trash!  You don't need any special skills to be involved.
3. Personally aid needy mothers

Do you know an expectant mother who is struggling financially?  Instead of leaving her in despair, wondering how she will provide for her child, show her that Jesus cares about her and her child by giving her groceries or diapers.  Be involved in her life.  Don't just go your way and say “I hope things work out for you.”  Put some action behind your words!  (James 2:15-16)
4. Contact your representatives

Your congressmen represent you!  They need to know how you feel about issues.  They need to know that they will not have your vote if they do not represent the will of the people – then they need to know what the will of the people is!
5. Speak out

Do not be silent about what is going on behind the closed doors of Planned Parenthood.  Babies are being murdered in cold blood.  No matter what pretty terms they try to give it, it is baby murder plain and simple.  Many of the women who walk in the doors of Planned Parenthood are there simply because they need help.  They are looking for hope and a way out of a tight situation.  And they are given just that.  Their hope comes in the form of prettified terminology like “it's just a blob of tissue” as well as outright lies like “It will not hurt you emotionally.”

We must speak loudly enough to expose the lies so that every woman in America knows exactly what is really happening when she is told that abortion is the best option for her situation.  She needs to know that the choice to terminate her pregnancy is a choice to brutally and painfully murder a baby – not simply to remove some unwanted “tissue”.


6. Quit supporting third parties who donate to Planned Parenthood.

Not only do we not want our tax dollars going to fund the murder of babies; we don't want any of our dollars funding the murder of babies.

When you shop at certain stores, pump gas at certain gas stations, and even pay your cell phone bill, you are helping to put money into the pockets of Planned Parenthood.  Don't stand up and say you hate the fact that babies are being murdered every day until you put your money where your mouth is.  It's time to find some different places to shop.  Here's the full list of companies who donate to PP.


7. Pray

When it comes down to it, we can do everything in our human power to stop the evil that is taking place in our country, but the results are ultimately up to God.

Are we beseeching him on behalf of helpless unborn babies?  Are we humbling ourselves and asking him daily to reveal our own sin so that he may heal our land?  (II Chronicles 7:14)
8. Share the Gospel

No matter how much money you donate to pro-life organizations, no matter how many phone calls you make to your senators, no matter how loudly you speak out against abortion, the only real cure for the evil in our land is the Gospel.

When hearts are changed through the power of God's Word, culture is changed by those people who want to follow God's design.

The woman who lives an immoral lifestyle and then disposes of the “unwanted results” needs the Gospel.  The woman who was raped needs the Gospel.  The family living in poverty with the burden of an unexpected pregnancy needs the Gospel.  The employees at Planned Parenthood need the Gospel.  Every member of Congress and the President of the United States need the Gospel.

And the Gospel goes out to one person at a time.  It goes out to your neighbor.  It goes out to the cashier at the grocery store.  It goes out to the waitress at Waffle House.  But it only goes out if you give it out. (Romans 10:14)


9. Quit taking birth control pills

Uh oh.  Did I just say that out loud?

It is not my desire to meddle in anyone's personal business, but if you believe life begins at conception, and if you are against ending that life, you need to read this.  If you didn't know, I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you.  I really, really am.

Because he said it much better than I could, I'm going to quote from an article by Randy Alcorn.  I have, however, done my own research on this and confirmed it all to be true.  I've been quiet about it for too long, and it's time for me to be brave enough to open my mouth about this.

“In summary, according to multiple references throughout The Physician’s Desk Reference, which articulate the research findings of all the birth control pill manufacturers, there are not one but three mechanisms of birth control pills:

1.      inhibiting ovulation (the primary mechanism),

2.      thickening the cervical mucus, thereby making it more difficult for sperm to travel to the egg, and

3.      thinning and shriveling the lining of the uterus to the point that it is unable or less able to facilitate the implantation of the newly fertilized egg.

The first two mechanisms are contraceptive. The third is abortive.”  (Emphasis mine.)

You can read Randy Alcorn's article in full here.

To my knowledge there is not a single brand of birth control pill that does not operate in this manner – first to prevent pregnancy, but second to prevent implantation of a fertilized egg.

Folks, a fertilized egg is a human life that God created.  By preventing it from being implanted into the wall of the mother's uterus, you are cutting off its life source, therefore killing it.

There is no way to sugar coat the reality of what is happening, even though your doctor and even most of the package inserts do not want to explain it this way.

But now you know.  So what will you do about it?


10. Quit believing the lie that children are inconvenient

I thought this article on how the abortion culture affects motherhood was thought-provoking.  Many moms have bought the lie that children are inconvenient and a burden.  God calls children a blessing and a reward!

Let's stay in God's Word so that we can view children the way that God sees them instead of viewing everything they do through the eyes of our selfish flesh!


So there you have it.  10 Practical Ways to Stand Up Against Abortion.  Which one are you going to do first?


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