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The. Most. Frugal. Gift. Ever.



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Okay, so here is the awesomest idea ever. I saw it on somebody else's blog and thought it was genius.


Use the books as gifts.


How to Give Ebooks as Gifts

There are 86 of them.  They're 35 cents each.  Some of them are worth 15 bucks a piece.

I'm the kind of person that likes to give gifts to all my friends at church, all my sisters-in-law, and everything like that, but it can get a little expensive.

But now I can give something pretty and nice and worth more than a buck at the dollar tree.  At first I was thinking “Well, that's kind of cheesy to just email somebody a book file with the subject line “Happy Birthday!”

But, I don't have to do it that way!  I can have it wrapped up all purdy-like.

Here's what I'm gonna do:

I can burn the book I want to gift to a CD, print out a pretty insert for the case, and bingo! Really nice gift for dirt cheap! (Don't tell my friends!)


If you want to copy me, here are a couple images you can print to use for the cases.  (Just click the pictures to enlarge them and save  to your computer.)


 Use this one for Christmas presents (duh!) and use your photo editing program or Picmonkey to type in the title of the book.

CD insert

Use this one for birthdays or general occasions and do the same thing with using photo software or Picmonkey to type in the title of the book before you print.

CD insert

Or…go to the website where the ebook is sold, save a picture of the cover and crop it to 4.75 in. by 4.75.  It will fit perfectly in the cover of a CD case.


Excited to cross off ALL your gifts for pretty much the entire year?


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