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I Made Something!

I am always pinning things on Pinterest, but I rarely find the time to actually sit down and make something. I was determined to actually start a project and complete it. Yay! I did it!

I had all the materials already on hand for a yarn/felt wreath, and I am happy with the way it turned out.

I'm always hesitant to try new projects because I'm not really that talented artistically and I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself.

But I recently read on someone's blog (I wish I could remember which one!) that one of the things that stifles creativity is comparison. I decided that I would not worry about whether my project turned out as pretty as everyone else's. I would just try my best and do what looks good to me and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

You know what? I LOVE my wreath! I don't know if it looks as good as what other people can make, but that doesn't matter. It hangs on MY door in MY house and I am the one one who has to look at it.

This really motivated me to try another project very soon! My goal is to choose one thing and start on it this week!