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Sewing Tutorial Roundup

I’ve been feeling like sewing lately, and as I’ve scoured the web for a good tutorial, I have found about a million things I want to try.  Here is a (very shortened) list of all those “I want to make this someday” projects.



Monogrammed Baby Blanket

(I actually did make this one.)

Frayed edge burp cloths

(I made these too.)

Embellished Hooded Towels

Car Playmat

Felt Face Activity

Baby Crinkle toy
(I’ve made this too.)



I’m determined to do more “crafty stuff”, but I’m also determined that I’m going to finish a project when I start it.  By looking at the pictures above, I think I’ll do best when I make things as gifts.  All the things that I actually finished were given as gifts.