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How I Clothe My Family For Free!

How I Clothe My Family For Free! | @mbream


I don't really get much free for my husband, but if your husband is like mine he wears the same clothes for 20 years anyway, so I don't really have to worry about shopping for him. 🙂

But I haven't paid for clothing for myself or my children in a long time, and here's how I do it.

There are several sites online that will give you a free credit just for signing up through someone's referral link.  (I will list them in just a minute.)

I use the free credit to order one or two things without having to pay for them.  Then when my “free” clothes come, I post a picture on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  (If you're on Periscope you can even do a little live “unboxing” of what you got.)  I show my friends how I got these clothes free just for signing up through someone's referral link and then I give them my referral link where they can sign up for their own free credit.

The great thing about this is that when they sign up and order something, even though it's free, I earn more credit for referring them.  Then I order more free stuff, and when that order comes I do the same thing.  I just keep repeating the cycle and keep getting free credit just for helping my friends get something free.

For the most part I do not have to buy anything for myself or my kids (except for socks and undies of course!)


Here are the places where you can get those free credits so you can start this process for yourself!

1. Thredup
They have really nice stuff – both women's and kids, and if something doesn't fit they will give you a shipping label so you can return it for free and they will credit it back to your account!Sign up here and get $10 credit (at the time of this writing it is actually a $20 credit – I don't know how long that special is running.)


2. Schoola
This is where I get my kids' clothing.  They have had a few mix-ups where an item I purchased was out of stock when I bought it, and in those instances they replaced it with a $15 coupon, even though the item I ordered didn't cost that much.  I can't complain!Sign up here and get $15 credit.


3. Stitchfix
I'm adding this one even though you don't get any referral credit for signing up because you do get $25 credit if you refer a friend.  I won't lie – this is going to be a bit pricey, but a lot of people love having a personal stylist send clothes that they think will be a perfect fit and style for them.  Plus, if you do have a positive experience and tell your friends you will get free credit and your subsequent orders will be free if you earn enough credit.
Sign up here to get started with Stitchfix.

So that's it!  Simply by sharing photos with my friends and social media followers I earn enough credit to order everything I need for my family without paying a dime!