Travel Tips for Toddlers

Last year I would have told you I am no expert on traveling with little ones.  I would still say that I am not an expert, but being a missionary on deputation has afforded me lots of practice!  We are gone every weekend and many weeks in between.  Next year we will be gone for […]

Tips for Organizing your Vehicle for Summer

Guest post from Imperfect Homemaker contributor Nicole.   Now that summer weather has finally arrived, I for one find myself spending a lot of time in my vehicle! Between work, events with family, local events such as this, or church events, there are lots of great reasons to be on the go. The lack of […]

Happy Lost Sock Day: Putting Lonely Socks to Useful Purposes

Guest post from Imperfect Homemaker contributor, Andrea.   Did you know that there was a holiday for missing socks?  Neither did I!  But let me tell you – I have lots of experience with missing socks!  My family does not have a washer and dryer in our urban apartment, so we utilize the laundry mat.  […]

How to Take Great Pictures of Your Kids (Even When You Have No Idea What You’re Doing)

      Folks, I am not a photographer.  I’m just a mom with no time to sift through my camera’s manual or all the photography tutorials on Pinterest. But doesn’t every mom like to have adorable pictures of her kiddos?  And doesn’t every mom dread making an appointment at a studio, wondering if the […]

How to Make a Stainless Steel Pan Non-Stick

I haven’t fully done the research myself, but I’ve always been of the understanding that non-stick pans contain harmful chemicals that emit toxic fumes when you cook and that can leach into your food. For that reason, I try to avoid cooking with non-stick pans.  But it can definitely be a pain to scrape  eggs […]

8 Reasons I Hate Ebooks

1. Ebooks are way too short Traditional publishers usually require the author to add a certain amount of “filler” material in order to make the book a certain length. An ebook author has the freedom to write exactly what they want to get across and nothing more.  I love wasting my time reading extra fluff! […]