Organizing Your Finances {with a free printable!}

If you knew there was a simple step you could take that would add money to your family’s bank account, wouldn’t you take it? Today I’m sharing a finance tracking method that has done just that for me! Money is a part of daily life in today’s society. Whether we like it or not, we […]

8 Reasons I Hate Ebooks

1. Ebooks are way too short Traditional publishers usually require the author to add a certain amount of “filler” material in order to make the book a certain length. An ebook author has the freedom to write exactly what they want to get across and nothing more.  I love wasting my time reading extra fluff! […]

Great Deal on Turquoise Glass Jars

  I know turquoise glass is a big thing right now, and I just wanted to give you a heads up that they have some jars for $1.85 at Totsy today!  If you’ve never ordered from them before, shipping is free on your first order!  Look for the “Circle Glass” sale. Go here to order.

How I Got a Pair of Jeans for $.15 Shipped!

I just got my little guy a pair of jeans for $.15 shipped to my door! You can get something for one of your kiddos for free or dirt cheap too! Here’s how: Sign up for an account with ThredUP using my referral link. You’ll receive a free $10 credit which is automatically deposited in […]

Awesome Deal on Coconut Oil

  You all probably know by now that I love coconut oil and use it for a lot of different things. (Like my easy homemade granola.) It can get a bit pricey, though, so I’m always on the lookout for the best deal.  I recently bought a gallon of it for what I thought was […]

It’s Yard Sale Time!

Oh boy, I don’t even like my mother seeing my living room looking like this, and here I am posting it on the internet!  Anyway, I’ll be just a hair busy this weekend getting all this stuff sorted for a yard sale on Saturday.   Happy weekend, everyone!