When You Sacrifice the Present for a Future Dream

Dreams are a beautiful thing.  Without them life would be a bit stagnant, don’t you think? It’s important to challenge ourselves to work toward something – a financial goal, a fitness goal, a household project  – and then to dream about how reaching that goal will make our life better.   But what if your […]

Dear Christian Teens: Do you Know the Truth About Purity?

Dear Christian teens, Even though I don’t yet have teens of my own, I have the privilege of working with some of you at church and I love you as if you were my own. I came across an article today that really bothered me.  I realized just how loudly unbiblical messages are being shouted […]

How I Began My Journey from Overwhelmed to Rested

  I’m not sure of the exact moment I began feel the weight of being overwhelmed lifting – it has been such a gradual process – but I know there are some very definitive milestones that have made a noticeable difference in my emotional state. The first was when I began to meditate frequently on […]

An Invitation to Rest

  October is a big month in the blog world.  Many bloggers participate in a 31 day writing challenge where they will blog for 31 days straight about one topic. I’ve done it before and it’s quite profitable from a blogging perspective – you get a lot of content added to your blog, you can […]

Oh Be Careful Little Mouth What You (Don’t) Say

My college friends and I all sat in the van outside of the restaurant, chowing down on our fast food. “I’ll be right back,” the leader of our group said as he jumped out of the van and strode back inside the restaurant. When he returned with a big smile on his face he told […]

10 Practical Ways to Stand Up Against Abortion

In light of everything that has come out recently regarding Planned Parenthood, I wanted to share some practical ways to stand up against abortion.  We can get upset about the murder of innocent babies, or we can actually do something! I’m not pretending I’m the expert, because I’m not.  I’m sure many of you have […]