Help Your Child Develop Thinking Skills with Laser Maze Jr.

One thing I have been wanting to spend more time on in our homeschool is helping the kids to work on thinking skills. I have one child in particular who will give up as soon as they have to think too hard about something. I needed to figure out how to stretch this child’s “thinking […]

3 Mistakes Homeschooling Parents Make When Teaching Handwriting

Handwriting is an essential part of what our children need to learn.  They’ll be writing every single day of their lives, and it’s up to us to help them develop handwriting skills to make this essential life skill easier for them! Many times I have seen homeschooled children struggle with handwriting.  I have seen a […]

5 Reasons We’re Learning About Great Missionaries in our Homeschool

We have a two-fold goal in our homeschool: First, to teach our children Godly character and second, to equip them with the academic skills they need for life.   Using studies of great missionaries is a great way to help meet both of those goals! When we read missionary biographies and do more in-depth studies […]

7 Reasons We’re Using a Video Class for Homeschool Bible

When I posted my list of curriculum choices at the beginning of this school year, I noted that we would be doing a streaming video class from BJU Press Distance Learning for Bible class. Now I want to give you my reasons for choosing to go this route and how a video curriculum benefits our […]

Free Valentine’s Day Printable Pack

  Today I have a fun printable pack for the little ones! My kids always enjoy doing extra work when it is as exciting as these Valentine’s Day Cupcake worksheets!   To grab your pack, I just need your email address. Enter it below, and your download will arrive in your inbox. (If you have […]

How to Teach Art at Home like a Pro: Even if You Can’t Draw a Straight Line

  By Jim Pence, See the Light chalk artist      “I want to include art in my homeschool curriculum, but how can I teach my children to draw if I don’t know how myself?” Art is one of those subjects that is difficult for most of us to teach. We know art is important in […]