DIY Valentine’s Day Vases

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I decided to turn my winter vase into a collection of Valentine’s Day Vases. I took 4 of these vases from Dollar Tree and applied fabric glue with a paint brush.  Then I wrapped some brown yarn around them until they were covered. I used various white or off-white […]

Pretty Winter Vase

I just recently found out about the Dollar Tree Value Seeker’s Club  through a friend’s blog.  She had done the cutest craft that she found on there.  After my Christmas decorations came down, I knew I wanted to make something to make my house look pretty for the rest of the winter.  The Dollar Tree […]

Framed Fabric Monogram

Disclosure: The materials for this Framed Fabric Monogram as well as compensation for this post were provided by Martha Stewart/Plaid Crafts and Blueprint Social. You all may know by now that I’m not the most artistic person in the world. However, I still enjoy beautiful things and crafts as much as any other woman. It’s […]

DIY: Scripture Conversation Hearts!

Those of you that have read my blog in past years know that I am no fan of Valentines day. I know, ba humbug, right? It is just not my favorite holiday! But while I mutter things under my breath like “February is the Monday of months,” this time of year usually finds me doing […]

Valentine’s Day fun for Everyone!

I enjoy doing crafts with my kids and making sweet cards for my husband, but if your day is anything like mine, wellllll….time crunch is usually the biggest hurdle in getting anything fun done! My almost-two year old son loves to be involved in everything we do, so it can make crafting a bit complicated […]

A Fun New Blog

I’ve been searching for some fun new projects to do with my mom, and I came across this blog – Make It and Love It. There are so many cute projects I want to try! I’m thinking the first thing I’ll try is the carseat blanket. It would be perfect for K since she is […]