One Easy Way to Strengthen Your Marraige

One Easy Way to Strengthen Your Marriage (Imperfect Homemaking Challenge)

Last week I talked about how you can strengthen your marriage by showing your husband that you love him.  It's important to keep the spark of romance alive in your marriage, even (especially!) when life is crazy busy.

One simple way to do that is to flirt with your husband.

Bringing up inside jokes, playing footsie under the table, flicking water at him as you're washing dishes — these are all subtle little ways to say “I love you; you're my best friend; and I enjoy being with you!”


We are a very frugal family, never (or hardly ever!) spending money unnecessarily and considering each purchase very carefully.  Because of that, I don't have a smartphone. (Yes, I confess.  My Instagram photos aren't always “instant”.  I wait until my husband comes home with his smartphone from work.)  For the longest time I did not have unlimited texting on my phone either.  Finally, after much consideration, we decided to pay a little extra each month for unlimited texts on my phone. That was mainly because we hadn't yet caught up to the rest of the world technologically and it was frustrating for people who's primary mode of communication was texting not to be able to text me.


But the unlimited texting came with an unexpected perk.

How a New Phone Plan Strengthened my Marriage | Imperfect Homemaker


Now I've got all day access to my husband, and I can “spend time” with him much more often than I used to!


Whereas before I couldn't exactly call him at work, I can send him texts to let him know I'm thinking about him.  And let me tell you, the inside jokes and the flirting roll back and forth all day long!  To be honest, that new phone plan has strengthened our marriage due to our being able to connect with each other more often.



Today's Challenge: Flirt with your husband.  Maybe you'll want to send him a text or write him a love note.  Maybe you'll choose something else.  But do something!

Instagram challenge: Ya'll.  Please.  Let's keep this one private.  😉


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