Homemade Non-Toxic Disinfectant

Homemade Non-Toxic Disinfectant - This is really easy and do-able!


I had several people ask about my Non-toxic disinfectant recipe, so here it is:

16 oz. water
3 tbsp. liquid castile soap
30 drops tea tree oil
Mix together in a spray bottle.


There are many, many ways you can make a non-toxic disinfectant if you don’t have these ingredients on hand.  (I order my ingredients from Vitacost since they have great prices, plus you get a $10 off $30 coupon when you create an account through my referral link. )

Other non-toxic products with disinfecting properties:

Vinegar water (50/50 ratio) (do not use on marble surfaces)

Hydrogen Peroxide (3 percent; if you want to spray it, you must use a dark spray bottle or screw the nozzle from another spray bottle directly onto the original peroxide bottle.) (Use vinegar and peroxide in conjunction with one another.)

Thieves Oil

Grapefruit seed extract


Do you have any favorite disinfectant recipes?  I’d love to hear about them!


DIY Non-toxic disinfectant - so easy and cheap to make!






  1. is this disinfectan too strong enaugh to kill any bacteria ?

  2. I use a homemade mix- 2 cups hot water, stir 1 teaspoon (each) washing soda & dr. bronner’s tea tree, then add 2 tablespoons isopropyl alcohol. I will also add a few drops of an essential oil (mostly for smell- I’m not the biggest fan of tea tree but it’s just so awesome).

  3. Don’t use vinegar to clean tile, it will slowly erode the grout.

  4. I’ve noticed that many of the cleaners you list include tea tree oil (and I know the many benefits of it and I used to recommend it to everyone) but a few years ago I became highly allergic to tea tree oil. Like a tiny bit leads to hives and large amount can send me to the hospital with my eyes, lips, and throat all swelling. It sucks.
    Is there an alternative to tea tree oil that works just as well? Thanks!

    • ML Wells says:

      Have you looked at Thieves oil? It is a blend of oils. I don’t think it has tea tree oil in it but I cannot remember for sure. I believe Lavender oil also has antibacterial properties.

  5. Which liquid Castile soap is a good cleaning one to have? I was looking at the vitacost site ~


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