Did You Know That You Can…

…paint your shoes?!


A long time ago I saw that my friend Laine had painted a pair of her shoes that were getting old and scuffed.

Last week I had a chance to put that tidbit of knowledge to good use.

My black flats had gotten old and nasty, plus they somehow had gotten too small for me.  Seriously?  Your feet grow when you’re this old?

Anyway, I didn’t think about it much through the summer because I always wore black sandals.  The other day I got all dressed to go run errands, but before I left I realized I didn’t have any shoes to match, other than the old, nasty, too-small shoes.

I did, however, have two pairs of brown flats, one of which always got scuffed on the toes no matter how much I tried to protect them.

I had some black acrylic paint on hand, and I decided that today was the day to give myself some black shoes.

I didn’t have a foam brush, so I just grabbed a kitchen sponge, squirted some of the paint on it, took a deep breath, and started painting.

It worked!


Painted shoes

My picture is horrible since it was dark when I decided to take it, and it’s still too dark this morning to try again.

But let me tell you – you cannot tell that black is not the original color of these shoes!

They’re leather, and when I first painted them, they looked fine, but they were kind of dull.  But the longer they sit, the more they’re taking on the appearance and texture of the leather.

Can I just say that I love blogs?  And I love it when people blog about all the who-woulda-thought things that they do!

And I’m also thankful that God provided a pair of black shoes for me – for free!








  1. This sounds like a great idea, but does it only work on leather shoes? I tried this on a pair of my shoes once. When the paint dried, it cracked badly and ruined the shoes. What shoe materials is the paint safe to use on?

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention in the other comment, I did use acrylic sparkle glaze on another pair of shoes (black ones) and it did not crack, so I was just wondering what kind of shoe materials I can use the acrylic paints on.

    • MaryEllen says:

      I can’t honestly answer that. That’s why I took a deep breath before I started painting mine – I had no idea if it would work! 🙂

  3. How wonderful for you. I usually wear these tennis shoes that someone gave me until church and then I put on another pair. Right now just about every pair I have is a little too big but for wearing them for a short time its not so bad. One of these days I will have to break down and by some more from the thrift store. You did good. I will have to remember the paint as well.

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